martes, 29 de enero de 2008

Something on my life... Revealing secrets!!!

Hello my name is Jesus Mtz, and this is something brief on my person:
I am independent, I was out of house during a time, look, cry, and I said to be better in all the aspects, I am charmed with seeing series especially a Doctot House, am a representative of the peace, some kind of learn of some of the members of John Lennon's Beattles...
My heart has been strolling around for many sides, in search of the love, I have not found it even, have been wrong often but I continue of foot with the hope that one day will find it, only it is a question of waiting for this person who I said to her the promise from which one day the segiria expecting when she feels realized and looks that I him her was faithful...
I have travelled to many sides of the republic and have known one without end of people and everything it has pleased his slightly special sound in my life, clear special only a person it has been it she it is and sera because it,she gives him my heart... And this person knows to whom I refer...
I am charmed with the world of the photography and creating and i designs... My mind always this working though I wake this one up or slept always thinking this one about things which I can do during not one if not in every day of my life since my life is special ... for that I am an angel in love with the life...!!!
I like to write on my feelings and it to be able to leave in my personal agenda, or in my diary which I fill this one with so many writings which in some reveal my secrets more dark that I have had in my life of these 22 years ... only I said all of them to a person I feel that I do not fail ... I feel that I gave to her all my love and nevertheless I do not ask for anything in exchange if not that is happy ... and see that actually I was starting loving her undoubtedly someone...
For the present time I say goodbye in this entry of my blog, that my English is not very good but I devote myself dealing in order that they see that I practise occasionally...
I go away (x_x). . .

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salamandra dijo...

i loved your orange tie. i like a lot the circles and the ties! =)

(ái lob llur oránch tai. ái láic a lod da círcols an da tais!)

tu sobrino simplemente es lindo.

saludos jesustzu, aún no veo secreto de mi padre pero creo que la veré y todo por tu culpa, jejeje.

Mariposa dijo...

Porqué será que en algunas entradas no puedo firmar? 0_0
me da mello jajaja
bechitos de nuex.

laurísima dijo...

Gracias por pasar :)
y am si.. tengo una cicatriz en el pecho producto de varias operaciones del corazon, por enfermedad claro :)
pero todo bien
;) te estare leyendo

aLiCiamaFuFa dijo...

Hola Gracias por visitar mi Blog...seguire visitandote

berenice dijo...

aqui andamos jeje
gracias por pasar y tomarte el tiempo de leerme ;)
and well, don't worry about the time, by the way, all passes by!
ya :P

adry dijo...

hola como estas espero que bien solo pasaba para saludarte y que estes bien y decirte que estas guapo la vdd me llamastes la atencion un poco espero algun dia conocerte ok te cuidas atte:adriana

Klau dijo...


Love is to trust
To believe and to hold
Love is to long for
To shape and to mould

Love is to forgive
For feelings to flow
Love is to hold on
And to let go

Love is to smile
To smirk and to glitter
Love is to laugh
To swirl and to flitter

Love is to dance
To twirl and to sing
Love is to jump
To sway and to swing

Love is to rest
To lie and be at ease
Love is to reminisce
And make time freeze

Love is to move on
To forgive and forget
Love is to stay strong
And never fret

Love is you
And love is me
Love is what we share
And what’s keeping us free


To Love
Love is a powerful emotion.
Not as strong as devotion,
For it is a dangerous potion.

It snares the heart and stops all motion

Thus it is spoken,
"Love is a precious token
to valuable for mortals to possess,
yet to great for the gods to confess."

I do protest!

To find it,
You must seek it,
And if you should fail,
Your desire will be your despair!

Yet I am that crazy fool
Possessed by my desire.
Where love can be cruel
Passion burns me like fire.

LOVE *******

Is love when you think about someone
More than you thought was humanly possible?

Is love looking forward to seeing that someone,
Your heart leaping whenever they are near?

Is love the lonliness that grows in your heart
When that someone isn't there?

Is love all that?
Or is it something... more?

Perhaps thinking about someone all the time is obsession.

Perhaps looking forward to seeing someone is a need to have something to do.

Perhaps lonliness is a dependency issue.

And perhaps
I'm a pessimist
Who's fallen in love.



~*~BrIaNnA~*~ dijo...

hey i cant read spanish!!! hahaha do i know u? n whyd u comment me?

Mikrobita_chikys dijo...

holitas werko oiie, ps muchitas grax x las fititos q editaste t kedaron remonis, ia la voi a subir al mtro mijo, y ps spero t pases a dejar el saludito o lu q seiia...
q ande d lo mejor y ya sabe q se le kere y stima un chorro mijo.. y ps spero n stso dias poder adar por su city!!!
oki... c m kuida muchito hasta prontis.. ba baii la chikys....ñ.ñ

Werfanita dijo...

hi i'm werfanita. .

mi ingles se limita a esto ..

saludos.. !